Classroom Support

Season 2 Book Club!!

Fire Starters I told you that this season lunch on Wednesdays will be our book club. I have ALWAYS loved a good book and can’t wait for us to start reading and talking about these together!...

5 Ways to Support a Struggling Reader

Here is a quick and dirty guide for helping readers who struggle in your classroom! Click here.  #StayLit ~Dr. Kia

5 Ways to Identify a Struggling Reader

Here is a quick and dirty guide for knowing when to intervene! Click here.  #StayLit ~Dr. Kia

8 Questions to make EVERY kid an active learner!!

The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier is a book that we discussed quite a bit in Season 1 of the podcast. When we talked about it in Episodes 1 & 2, we talked about how...

10 Tips for Starting in a New Building!!

I don’t know about you, but I have been new to a building many times. After starting over so often, I developed a system that carried me through each new school year. I want to share...

Dr. Kia’s TOP Teacher Conference Recommendations!

I love meeting new teachers, swapping stories, and learning together. The thing I love most about conferences is taking that learning back to others and sharing the wealth. Here is a list of teacher conferences that...

Free Teacher Professional Development Workshops!

If you LOVE PD but are short on cash this resource is for you! Check out the list of teacher professional development opportunities that can keep you current no matter where you live. Click here.

Twitter Hashtags ALL Teachers Should Follow!

Check out my list of top Twitter hashtags organized by day and explained for you! Looking to build your online network? Click here.