Our Mission

We help partner school districts to reach dynamic goals through the thoughtful use of existing resources for lasting classroom impact. #befiredup

Our Vision

Fired Up Teaching Inc believes that leveraging the collective experience and resources present in the classroom will build teacher capacity and increase persistence. We aim to be that lever via our work with individual teachers, school leaders, and school systems.

Our Theory of Change:

The Problem

According to data from the U.S. Department of Education and many others, the teaching profession is in a crisis

Veteran teachers are retiring and new teachers are unlikely to remain in the classroom beyond their fifth year.

It’s Impact

Students of color are less likely to encounter a teacher from their same racial or ethnic background which means that students of color are given less opportunity to thrive academically at school. In addition to that, all students are less likely to have experienced teachers over the course of their academic careers as veterans leave and new teachers elect to move on to other professions.

The Solution

Fired Up Teaching understands that teachers are often under pressure and under resourced. We meet them where they are and provide the tools needed for classroom success. Our approach provides relevant strategies that unite all stakeholders around supporting teacher and student success.