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Dr. Kia Turner - Be Fired Up Coaching - Teacher Resources
Dr. Kia Turner Ed.D.


I was a teacher for many years and I understand that our classrooms are complex. We spend time planning lessons, grading assignments, and connecting with kids often going lesson to lesson unsure of our impact. When we sign up they don’t tell us that the hours are long, resources are few, and that often teaching can be lonely. That is why I started Fired Up Teaching Inc. Teachers need a community that can give us ongoing feedback and actual support. We know that there is no perfect classroom and understand that when we get real with one another we can see true change in our students and ourselves. At Fired Up Teaching Inc we want to leverage the love teachers have for students to spark the reflection needed to push kids and themselves to the next level.

Feel free to join our community weekly on theĀ podcast, connect on Twitter (@TeachFiredUp_) or Instagram (@firedup_teaching) and use our resources to help in the meantime!

We are in this together and you are absolutely going to be okay.

~Dr. Kia