Who We Are

Fired Up Teaching Inc. is an iterative professional development organization for teachers in the trenches. We focus specifically on targeted development for teachers in high needs communities. Through our signature program, we work to move teachers out of their comfort zones and into the zone of development needed for a lasting paradigm and pedagogy shift.

Dr. Kia Turner Ed.D., Founder

Our Approach

Fired Up Teaching Inc uses our signature process to thoughtfully partner with districts. We meet teachers where they are and grow them into the classroom champions they want to be. Our approach blends real world application, immersive learning experiences, and peer support to help teachers make an impact that lasts.

                                                            We use four pillars to guide our work:


We believe that teachers need each other. Research shows that teachers learn best from one another.


We believe that real change can occur when the resources on hand are aligned with best practices. 


We help your teachers to help themselves. We understand that teacher buy in is critical to real systemic change.


We keep our content and approach up to date and aligned to the realities of the classroom.

 1000+ students in grades K-8 
60+ teachers from public, private, and charter schools 
In person modeling, professional development, and support

Our team has worked with teachers and partners across the Greater Kansas City Area including:

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