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Three Strategies to Support Teachers in the Classroom

https://www.khou.com/article/news/investigations/broken-ribs-kicked-and-punched-reports-show-school-teachers-bullied-by-their-students/285-eb89cdd6-ce4d-42c3-9a0e-b9ec5049befc More than ever before, the need for comprehensive teacher support is making itself apparent. While the above article only...

3 Mind Shifts for Teachers to reach classroom success

Recently, Edweek published an article about how difficult it can be for teachers to manage classrooms. In the article, the...

3 FAIL PROOF Strategies for managing student behavior

Join Dr. Kia for your weekly dose of classroom inspiration. This week she shares strategies for classroom management no matter...


We are 2️⃣hours away from the #BelougaEdu 🐳 chat 💬this afternoon! Curious about what we will be discussing? 🤔Take a peek at the questions involving all things #STEM & STEAM! 👩🏽‍🔬and check out our co-host, @DesignSquad Global! #EdChat

“Dear Heavenly Father thank You for our relationship with You. I pray for our relationships today. Lord I humbly ask You to repair, restore & heal any broken relationship in our marriage, with our kids, with a coworker or family member. I ask in Jesus name. Amen” God bless u 🙏❤️

Have fun with the book! Whisper and pause. Use different voices, sounds and movement. Slow down or speed up. #OneDistrictOneBook

Read Chapter 6 tonight.

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Our Commitment to Teachers

Teaching is a profession that many would agree is facing a crisis. Torn between traditional methods of instruction and an ever changing student body, many teachers are electing to leave the classroom instead of persist in the face of so much change and few resources. Fired Up Teaching Inc is a not for profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap in teacher supports in order to help teachers succeed in the classroom. We specifically focus on classrooms in high needs communities with an elevated rate of turnover and where student poverty doubles the national average. Our multi-faceted approach is designed to engage both veteran and new teachers in an approach to teaching that not only grows the student but benefits teachers as well. Sign up for our newsletter or join our community online by following the #firestarter hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Do your part to help keep passion and purpose at the forefront of professional development.